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high yields

Annual yields potentially 800% larger than an average stock return.


Low risk investments with higher than average returns.


Cryptocurrency offers a brand ´╗┐new take on investing!

Enjoy peace-of-mind and efficiency combined together

“Tyrell Capital was founded by a few like minded traders obsessed with crypto currency. We used our knowledge of the developing market to expand our portfolio by over 70% in only one month’s time, and we want to share that level of success with everyone willing to invest in our firm. It is our goal to raise the industry standard, and that is why along with amazing results, we will also provide every investor with a detailed trade history of their investment at any time they want.”

 -Samuel Catbagan, Trading Lead

Why Crypto?

Just like money, your time on this planet is limited. If you use traditional avenues such as real estate or stock investment firms, you simply cant make as much money as you would want in your lifetime, not to mention that for a mid to low budget investor, its hard to protect your investment due to the lack of an ability to diversify your portfolio while also make substantial increases to it.

smart contract staking

consistent asset growth


VOLATIle market trades

The secret of success

A window into how we use our funds

smart contract staking

Some blockchain protocols allow participants to earn additional cryptocurrency by contributing to the network. These rewards can be earned in many different ways including staking, inflation, savings rates, etc. Finding these protocols and investing money accordingly is how we create consistent income streams for our investors.

volatile market trades

When the market is known to have corrections of upwards of 50%, it can be hard to be sure of your investment. At Tyrell Capital we look for trends and predict the market swings, allowing our investors to leave the charting and market trends to us!

consistent asset growth

With the volatility of the market, Tyrell Capital harnesses our years of experience to invest at ideal time in a variety of crypto’s to make substantial increases to any portfolio.

financial diversification

Tyrell Capital does not rely on one or even a few coins to maintain our portfolios, we are constantly researching and scowering the blockchain for new protocols that we can enter at the ground floor.

Some of our Top Earners


UTU is a great example of what our extensive research can do with a coin with a little added risk.

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Our team

Here are the minds behind Tyrell Capital

Chris Tyrell

Founder and CEO

Sam Catbagan

VP of Trading

Sean Johnson

VP of Trading

Matthew Barta

Board Member, Trader

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